Until I moved I would use any left over material that I had collected over the years.  Branches broken during ice storms and left over construction material. 

Working with wood from the forest has advantages and disadvantages.  I have a large supply of wood to work from, but, it takes a lot of time to find the wood that will work my projects.  I then have to cut it to small planks.  The items make of red cedar were made using trees cleared for the building of the house.  

I am in the process of drying out some of the wood to make items from the boards that I cut. I have started using the wood from my wood pile for my Doll Furniture.

I still have to rely on the lumber yards to supply me with wood for the sink covers.  I use locally produced lumber from locally grown trees.  As a result I get higher quality lumber for about the same price as a big box store.  I don't pay for it to be shipped across the country.