I frequently receive questions about whether the sink cover or cutting board will fit my kitchen sink.

There are 4 things that ask for: 

1.  A photo of the sink.

The Sink

From the photo I can determine if there may be an issue with the facet base.  I can clarify with you any potential challenges there may be.  (I.e.: the distance from the base to the sink.)

2.  The width of the sink. (H dimension)

H dimension

3.  The distance from the front to the back of the sink. (V dimension)

V dimension

4.  The distance from corner to corner (D dimension)

D dimension

The measurements are taken from the inside, at the top of the sink.

In this example, the measurements are:

H = 35.5 cm (14")

V = 40.5 cm (16")

D = 48.3 cm (19")

The final board would be:

H = 38 cm (15")

V = 43.2 cm (17")

D = 47 cm (18.5")  

The feet are located in the corners of the sink (Measurement D) to reduce movement when working on the board and preventing it from tipping into the sink.  

If your sink is not rectangular, it is likely that the board would have to be custom make for your sink.  Please feel free to contact me for a price on a custom board for your sink.  I will require a photo of your sink so I can give you accurate pricing.  Additional measurements may be requested.