I received a request from a costom to create a Diorama Cabin for him.  A small cabin 1/6th scale (the size for a Barbie Doll) .  This is the largest small house I attempted.  I have done doll houses 1/2 this size in the past.  The larger scale required more detail, to make it look more realistic.

After some back and forth, we settled with this design.  He gave me a lot of creative license, which was a nice.

He wanted the door to be able to open, so I installed the door on hinges that would allow the door to be opened as wide as what would be required.

Cabin door open

There had to be a way to get the figures and furniture into the cabin to set up a scene.  The roof is removable to allow this to happen with ease.

The removable roof

Here are some views of the inside.

Side window

Front wall


To give you some scale, this is a photo with a doll of the same scale.

Doll for scale